Big Blue’s Big Debut

Hailing from Tallahassee, FL comes indie-rock band, Big Blue. Though the band hadn’t officially formed until 2016, the members are no stranger to the industry, or each other. Having a nine year history of collaboration, it seemed only natural that the five members of the band come together officially, as their years of experience with each other have created a comfort and cohesion in both performance and songwriting.

Their debut self-titled album is jam packed with a variety of sounds and genre. With hints of folk, rock, roots and indie, it’s hard to accurately describe the band’s sound. Of course, make no mistake: this musical diversity doesn’t detract from what it is they’re trying to do. In fact, it their ability to create a sense of cohesion among these genres is what makes them stand-out. There is a lot going on here, and it works.

The album’s single, “Curtain Call,” perfectly showcases the band’s ability to experiment with genre and have fun. Having a dark and gritty surf-rock sound, the song is thinking back to an ex-lover. But, I’m not as interested in the lyrics as I am the overall sound. Though the single sounds mostly reminiscent to surf-rock, the vocals have a gritty and powerful roots feel…combine these two together and you have something that sounds as though it could be an Arctic Monkeys demo. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself.


Though I’ve yet to see them live, upon listening to the LP, I’ve no doubt the band has already made a huge mark in the Tallahassee music scene. Their sound is big, and as perfectly stated on their site, “evokes a certain familiarity.” This familiarity no doubt comes from the band’s blues and roots influences, which will attract a large group of older listeners, while the surf-rock and indie-rock sound will draw out the younger crowds.

With an album release and tour dates forthcoming, this band is no doubt in for a huge year. Want more information? Visit:

Featured Image provided by Cat Family Records and taken by Ciara Foquim 


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